Brigitte Vanzonhoven

„A picture is worth a thousand floppy disks”

Mixed media artwork designed using floppy disks in plexi boxes. Blending acrylic paint and vintage illustrations.


Brigitte Vanzonhoven was born in Belgium in 1963. Trained in the visual arts at the St Lucas Instituut in Hasselt. Taught by Fred Eerdekens.

Then studied graphic design in Genk. Taught by Ado Hamelryck. Worked at various advertising agencies as a designer/art director. Set up her own company together with interior designer Jaak Langenberg.

Works mostly on commissioned portraits and visuals inserted into their interior designs.

Has received various awards in the Andrew Martin ‘Interior Design Review”, the Bible for the interior design world in London.

Produced large-scale graphic prints for her debut solo exhibition in Hasselt.

Experimented with portraits on tiles in 2003.

Began work on her own floppy disks in 2011. The decision to work with vintage figures arose from her love of the surrealist photos and artists of the Thirties. Man Ray, Méret Oppenheim, Giacometti, Hans Arp, etc.