Magnus Gjoen

Born in London to Norwegian parents, Magnus studied design in London and Milan. He has a master
degree in fashion and started his career as a high-end denim designer in Milan. He had the enviable job of graphic designer for British fashion legend Vivienne Westwood and worked in product development at Lee Jeans. He now works full time as an art print designer.

Magnus Gjoen likes to look at and change people’s preconceived notions of objects and beauty. Much of his art takes something potentially extremely destructive and transforms it into an elegant and fragile object worthy of contemplation and admiration. His fine art prints combine decorative appeal and destruction, fragility and strength.

Through his art Magnus Gjoen wants to address misconceptions of beauty and power. The objects he
often chooses as his subject, like the human race itself, are capable of creating immense beauty but also capable of destroying it. It is this dichotomy which fascinates Magnus and captivates viewers. Magnus takes inspiration from everywhere he goes. Renaissance and Flemish masters, religion, and war are of particular interest to him. He is drawn to the beauty and fragility of delftware and porcelain which he uses symbolically in his work. Magnus’ embellished objects are all created digitally. His graphic skills a largely self-taught and stem from being a self-confessed “geek.” He keeps a digital scrapbook where he collects images, “everything from pictures of a urinal wall to a painting at the Pitti Palace.